European Invasion:

90-year-old Jean Raspail Says: I Told You So

Pegida March Sees Thousands Of Anti-Islam Protesters Take To German Streets

New Record: Germany Took In More Than 200,000 Migrants Last Month

A refugee riot puts a German town on edge

Second German woman evicted from her home to make way for refugees

German woman becomes the second to be evicted from her home to make room for migrants

Second German Woman Evicted From Home To Make Way For Migrants

Germany To Expel European Migrants To Make Room For Syrian Refugees

German states lower housing standards amid migrant influx

Brawl hits German refugee shelter, UN says numbers may rise

Council Of Europe Concerned At Rising Racism In Germany

Top EU official warns of rising anti-Semitism in Europe

France, Germany and Others Report Spike In Anti-Semitic Incidents

Attacks on Jews rise to five-year high in Germany – more than any country in Europe

Greece doing ‘all we can’ on migrant crisis, PM tells UN

Hungary rolls out anti-migrant razor wire on Croatia border

Canadian Travel Warning Issued For Unsettled Germany

200 Syrians, Afghans clash in German refugee centre riot

Wanting to Preserve Your Way of Life Does Not Make You Racist or Fascist

France could remove word ‘race’ after scandal

Conservative Politician Punished Pointing Out “France Is a White Country”

Muslim father kills daughter caught shoplifting condoms

UN expects 700,000 migrant arrivals in Europe this year, same in 2016

Tired Croatian bus drivers ferry migrants day and night

A Greek Island That Isn’t Being Invaded

Police Leader Speaks Out On Migrant Crisis, Warns Of Violent Clashes

Poland moves to take in ethnic Poles from former USSR

Japan Pledges More Money for Migrant Crisis than Saudi Arabia

Japan not taking in refugees; says it must look after its citizens first

Nazi ‘shadows’ are not lurking in Europe’s embrace of migrants

UNHCR plans for 1.4 million Mediterranean refugees in 2015-6


Report: 59 Million Immigrants Into U.S. In Past 50 Years

Californians say undocumented immigrants should get to stay

Clinton launches ‘Latinos for Hillary’

Clinton seeking to organize Latino voters ahead of primaries

MLB Has ‘Quietest Possible Race War You Could Have in Sports

90 Percent of Syrian Refugee Applications Approved

Cuban Refugees Abusing, Funneling U.S. Welfare to Cuba

15 of 58 American ISIS Terrorist Recruits Were From Minnesota

Partisan battle lines drawn on Syrian refugees

Trump: If I win, I’ll send Syrian refugees back

Trump: ‘Certain Segment’ of Muslims Are a ‘Problem’

Donald Trump: Syrian refugees might be a terrorist army in disguise

California Indian Tribe Backs School’s ‘Redskins’ Mascot

White people reject claims of white privilege, study finds

Massachusetts Woman Charged with $3.6 Million in Food Stamp Fraud

Cincinnati sets mandatory goals for hiring minority- and women-owned subcontractors

Why Veterinary Medicine, The Whitest Profession in America, Needs Black Students

Asian woman wants white people to pay for her treatment for stress after years of ‘institutional racism’

Can We Make Immigration “The Number-One Issue In The 2016 Presidential Election?”

Feds sue Des Plaines for barring Islamic center

N.D. white supremacist Craig Cobb buys up property in Nebraska

Study: Racially charged hate crimes go up as broadband expands

Ben Carson: ‘Hitler’ could happen here

Carson Warns ‘Political Correctness’ Could Lead to ‘Hitler’-Type Tyranny


Britain’s youngest terrorist planned to behead his teachers, court hears

Migrants To Britain Establish Themselves as Successful Businessmen – In The People Trafficking Trade

Scotland’s Largest Prison Teams With Glasgow Mosque To Tackle Muslim Re-Offending

Europe’s Migrant Influx Turning British Voters Against EU


Israelis in Greece to help refugees as the boats land

EU official: Without Jews, ‘Europe would cease to exist’

Obama Administration Awards $12M for Assistance to Holocaust Survivors

Huge Nazi banner for film causes outcry in France

EU States Fail to Record Anti-Semitism as Incidents Increase

Thousands of Evangelical Christians Gather in Jerusalem for Pro-Israel Conference

‘Labyrinth of Lies’ film explores Holocaust denial in postwar Germany



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