European Invasion:

Germany prints its constitution in Arabic for refugees to learn

Germany Reaping the Fruits of Its Migrant Policy

Record 522K migrants arrive in Europe by sea in 2015

Posting xenophobic views online in Germany could cost you your job & child

Christian and Muslim refugees should be housed separately, says German police chief

Rise of Austrian Right Lengthens Shadow of Nazi Era

Documents Reveal Austria Could Spend €12 Billion On Migrant Crisis

Germany Prints Its Constitution In Arabic For Migrants To Learn

Angela Merkel caught on hot mic griping to Facebook CEO over anti-immigrant posts

Europe migrant crisis in spotlight at UN

Police clear migrant camp on France-Italy border

Tempers flare in Germany’s crowded refugee centres

Scientist says researchers in immigrant-friendly nations can’t use his software

Marxist Scientist, Protesting Mass Immigration, Limits License to Software

European Leftists Want to Seize Homes to House Muslim Migrants

Radicalised Palestinian Islamic State Sympathiser Is Police Stabbing Suspect

Suspect in Danish police stabbing was ‘potential radical’: spy agency

French politician in hot water over ‘white race’ remark

Nerves are on edge along Balkan refugee route

Germany Slowly Closing Open Door To Migrants

Germany beefs up asylum rules as half a million cross Med

New Border ‘Hotspots’ To Focus On Fingerprinting Migrants

Slovakian Town Votes “No Refugees” By 97 Percent

German minister proposes asylum checks at land borders

Overcrowding in refugee housing now an issue

German police call for segregated refugee shelters

NYT: In Austria, Only Nazis Are Concerned About Muslim Mass Migration

Hungary defends border fences blocking migrants

Up to 280,000 refugees arrived in Germany in September


Rep. Gutiérrez Introduces Bill to Open ObamaCare to Illegal Immigrants

Democrat pushes ObamaCare coverage for all immigrants

What’s the Plan B if you get deported?

Immigrants say about-face on visas costs them millions

LGBT advocates call for protections for Syrian refugees

How Race Influences School Funding

Two Charged for UCLA Murder of Texan

Madison cops arrest up to 30% of black kids a year, report finds

Alabama KKK Has Teachers, Politicians, and Military Personnel as Members

Female member of KKK claims she isn’t a racist… but believes her hometown would be crime-free if black people were sent away

More Than 50 People Shot for the Second Weekend in a Row in Chicago

US Army’s Combat Patch for ISIS Conflict Draws Flak over Design

Immigrant racks up millions in food stamp fraud

Anti-Muslim Activist Frank Gaffney Interviews White Nationalist Jared Taylor on His Radio Show

Without a black population, New Orleans would be Key West

Over 4 in 10 Latinos dislike the GOP

The Grisly Reality of Wealthy Middle Eastern Thug Privilege

Ben Carson: Politicians And Media ‘Manipulate’ Black American Voters

Artist Murdered in Oakland While Painting Non-Violence Mural

Border Patrol Agents Step Up Efforts to Save Lives in Texas


Khyber Pass kebab shop fined over human faeces contamination

Three Libyan Soldiers Convicted Of Rape In UK Apply For Asylum

Are some clubs running a racist door policy?


Rallying Hispanics for Israel

‘Gross under-reporting’ of anti-Semitism plagues Europe, says EU agency

Student Leader in California Blasted for ‘Blatantly Antisemitic’ Remarks, Holocaust Denial

German, Austrian Jews worried about anti-Semitism from refugees

Dieudonne Banned From French Theater

UK activists target radio station’s ‘Win a trip to Israel’ contest



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