European Invasion:

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Migrant

Germany Segregating Christians As Migrant Violence Escalates

German President Warns: There ARE Limits To Migrant Numbers

Senior Politician Calls On Immigrants To Adapt To Liberal Germany

Calling Hungary’s Viktor Orban a racist isn’t working

Hungary to EU: migrant quotas will repeat Western Europe’s ‘failed’ attempts at multiculturalism

Migrants Are Avoiding Cyprus Because It Won’t Let Them Bring Their Families Along After

Migrants a ‘Key Factor’ As Austria’s Freedom Party Makes Gains

Major gains for Austrian rightists in vote dominated by refugee issue

Merkel’s welcome to refugees sparks conservative backlash

Refugees don’t leave their conflicts behind

German president says country has finite capacity to absorb refugees

Attacks on refugee shelters in Germany more than doubled, police say

Row Erupts in France As Former Minister Says France is a White Race Country

Refugee Crisis Lays Bare EU Dysfunctions, Cultural Silos

Are refugee camps a realistic solution?

Facebook will help the UN bring internet access to refugee camps

Germany admits a third of migrants who claim to be Syrian are lying

Germany is rowing back pretty hard on ‘open arms’ migrant policy

Money Flows With Refugees, and Life Jackets Fill the Shops

Finland’s hockey team urges protesters not to wear its jersey

Migrant-On-Migrant Brawl At German Camp, No Arrests Made

Dismaland to be taken down and sent to Calais to build shelters

People smuggler who ‘transferred thousands to Europe killed in shootout’

Sixty hurt in mass brawl over food at German refugee camp

ABC’s Dowd: Republicans ‘Upset… America Is Now Less White’


Obama Prepares Give-Away of White-Collar Jobs And Citizenship To Foreign Graduates

Asian migrants to propel US population growth

Pew: Whites To Account For Less Than Half U.S. Population By 2055, 46 percent by 2065

Asians To Overtake Hispanics As Largest Immigrant Group In 2065

The Changing Face of America

U.S. foreign-born population nears high

Modern Immigration Wave Brings 59 Million to U.S., Driving Population Growth and Change Through 2065

Immigrants will drive US population growth in next five decades, new study shows

Study: Asians expected to become largest US immigrant group

Kerry, Hillary, Kennedys Offer Sanctuary to ‘Refugees’ — In Your Town, Not Theirs

Pew: Half of All US Adults Believe Immigrants Drive Up Crime While Hurting The Economy

Poll: 67 Percent of Republicans Want Decrease In Immigration

Man charged with sexually assaulting woman, 97, in Arlington Heights

Confederate Battle Flag at School Leads to Lockdown

Bizarre claims that Auschwitz was a ‘summer camp’ for Jews in upsetting white supremacy documentary

Is the entertainment world finally burying blackface?

Kasich’s misguided Latino outreach


University BANS sombreros after they are branded ‘racist’ by officials

Muslim model, 24, is found hanged after fearing she was going to be forced into arranged marriage by her parents

CCTV catches the horrifying moment convicted paedophile spies his next six-year-old victim playing on her bike

SNP chief Nicola Sturgeon backtracks on her vow to give a home to Syrian refugees

From Vikings of York to Akbars of Bradford: how the face of Yorkshire has changed

If the era of democracy is over in Europe, it’s time for Britain to get out


Muslim immigration and European Jewry

Norwegian comic strip likens Israel to Nazis, North Korea

“Scumbag Israeli property developers” targeted at anti-Gentrification protest


Border agency readying for Syrian refugees


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