European Invasion:

Central Europe has ‘no experience with diversity’

‘If Europe Opens Its Gates to Muslims There Will be Beheadings Here’: Nobel Laureate Lech Walesa Speaks Out

Migrant Crisis? Europe Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet

EU leaders pledge €1bn aid for Syrian refugees

Migrant influx raises far-right threat: Norway intel

Serbia bans Croatian cargo vehicles and goods in migrant row

‘Rude’ and ‘violent’ people in Manchester drive immigrant back to Iran

19 European Nations Investigated For Asylum Violations

EU Summit Divided As German ‘Moral Imperialism’ Attacked

The View From Olympus: Invasion by Immigration

Bulgarian traffickers making a killing in EU migrant crisis

Migrant crisis and Euro tensions threaten to trigger catastrophic conflict claim experts

Controlled Media Blacks out German Mass Opposition to Nonwhite Invasion

Migrant crisis turns clock back on Serbia, Croatia ties

N. Korea blames ‘evil’ US for Europe’s migrant crisis

Send me home to Iran, immigrant begs British police

Serbia, Croatia step up border dispute over migrants

Refugee crisis dampens German consumer confidence

EU Chief: Migrant Flood Is Just The Beginning, We Need To Close The Doors And Windows

Migrant youth killed by Channel Tunnel train

Former Intelligence Chief: Security Services Have Lost Track Of Terrorists In Europe

France says it won’t host more than 30,000 refugees

Key Rail Services Between Germany, Austria And Hungary Suspended for Next 10 Days

Lack of EU migrant strategy reignites Serbia-Croatia tensions

Turkey is fanning Europe’s refugee crisis, say Israelis

Photos: Migrants Flow Through Europe as EU Makes Countries Take Refugees

EU refugee summit in disarray as Tusk warns ‘greatest tide yet to come’

EU chief fears union will COLLAPSE over migrant crisis

Thousands of arriving refugees overwhelm Greece’s island villages

Disillusioned migrants abandon bid to reach Greece overland from Turkey

How the EU plans to tackle the migrant crisis

Eastern Europe vs. refugees: A suppressed historical memory?,7340,L-4703624,00.html

Dachau’s makeover: ex-Nazi death camp houses refugees amid Europe’s crisis


U.S. Host To 10 Million More Foreigners Than Entire European Union

How the U.S. compares with other countries taking in refugees

Jeb Condemns Multiculturalism By Redefining It

Amnesty Politics: Media Falls in Love as Child-Lobbyist Skips Through Pope’s Security Barrier

Dems. Recall Holocaust In Push For More Syrian Refugees

CNN’s Amanpour: Top GOP Candidates ‘Have Decided To Make a War on Muslims’

Clockmaker Ahmed Mohamed’s sister was once suspended from school for threatening to blow it up

Six killed, seven injured when SUV chased by Texas police rolls over

Illegal Immigrant Car Crash Kills 6 in Central Texas

White Utah teen with dreadlocks claims discrimination over hairstyle

Students say teacher used n-word in class

Video Catches Student Ripping ‘Evil’ Koran at Ohio’s Wright State

Muslims Erupt As School Board Refuses To Shut School For Islamic Holiday

Muslims tell ‘Hannity’ reporter Sharia more powerful than the Constitution

Few Would Vote for a Muslim President

Afro-German filmmaker examines hate groups face-to-face

Pennsylvania’s Only Latina Lawmaker Gets Cut Off Arguing Against English-Only Bill


1000 New Cases OF FGM Treated In NHS Hospitals In Just 3 Months

Britain Urged To Recognise Plight Of Pakistan’s Christians

Rejected asylum seeker raped teenager at party

Top Banker Says Cheap Migrant Labour Suppresses Workers’ Pay


Why Does Everybody Sound So Anti-Semitic All of a Sudden?

Trump rally incident, Carson anti-Muslim remarks spur civility call by 2 Jewish groups

Western racism gives the Arab Gulf states a free pass

TV station apologizes for using yellow ‘Jude’ star for Yom Kippur segment

Canadian Candidate Admits Not Knowing What Auschwitz Is

Animal rights protesters vent their fury at ultra-orthodox Jewish chicken slaughter ritual ‘Kaporos’

Israeli ministry plows ahead with ‘world Jewry’ project, even as funding and future remain uncertain




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