European Invasion:

Hungarian PM Orban rejects Merkel’s “moral imperialism” in refugee crisis

Hungarian PM in Germany For Talks As Senior Merkel Allies Admit ‘Orban Was Right From the Beginning’

Washington Post: Migrants Disguising Themselves as Syrians to Enter Europe

Danish People’s Party threatens to topple govt

Orban Mobilises Hungary’s Troops, Prisoners, Jobless To Fence Out Migrants

Hungary’s Orban accuses Merkel of ‘moral imperialism’ over refugee quotas

Refugee crisis: Why eastern EU states oppose quotas

Britain, France Say EU Should Help Countries Near Syria With Refugees

Scandinavia, Germany in with migrants, southern Europe out

Marine Le Pen Faces Trial Over Muslim Nazi Comparison

Merkel Germany: Multicult Über Alles!

Merkel Approval at Lowest Ebb This Year as Botched Migrant Response Takes Toll

WATCH: ‘Germany Or Nothing’, Demands Migrant Threatening To Return To Syria If He Gets Settled Elsewher

WATCH: Video Shows How Easy It Is To Claim To Be A Refugee

Calm before the storm? Slow trickle of migrants at Swiss border

German Turks point at ‘past mistakes’ as migrant numbers surge

Carnival says Europe’s refugee crisis is making cruise business tough

Migrant Arrivals Shrouded in Secrecy, Councils May Not Get More Than One Year’s Funding

France to Prosecute Marine Le Pen for Criticizing Muslims

German TV Stations Are Showing Less About the Migrant Crisis Than The BBC Is

Australian PM Turnbull Admits ‘Concerns’ About Asylum Seeker Camps

Europe’s Refugee Crisis Revives Ottoman Empire Fault Lines


In Twin Falls, Idaho last night, US State Department official: we don’t force refugees on communities that don’t want them

Obama Paying Activists To Help Illegal Migrants Get Welfare, Citizenship

La Raza Projects: 16.7 million Latinos Registered To Vote by 2016

Immigration agents allowed back in L.A. County jails, with limits

To Become Even More Prosperous We Should Open Our Borders

Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism.

Illegal Aliens Jailed for Growing 11,500 Marijuana Plants in Texas

Schools in New York to remain closed for Eid

Race and Class Collide in a Plan for Two Brooklyn Schools

Muslim Americans welcome first NY Eid school holiday

Petition: Remove statues from outside Mexican restaurant in South End

FBI investigates racially motivated vandalism at Melbourne church

Whatever Happened to German America?


Soaring Figures Put UK Among Top Nations For Net Migration

Migration Crisis: We’re Being Conned By The BBC And David Cameron

New English language rules for migrant public sector workers

Illegal immigrant hands himself over to police because he has ‘had enough of Manchester’

David Cameron says Europe must get better at sending migrants home

Revealed: the extraordinary response to the Syrian refugee crisis – and how it shames David Cameron

More than 1,000 new FGM cases recorded by the NHS

Chicago TV Station Wishes Jews A Happy Yom Kippur With Nazi Emblem


Jewish-Christian Group Sways Colgate Divinity School to Nix Anti-Israel Speaker

When Israeli volunteers help Syrian, Iraqi and Pakistani refugees

Top MEP calls to outlaw Israel boycotts in the EU

Board promises community help resettling refugees and tackling Islamophobia


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