European Invasion:

Is This the Death of Europe?

Imam tells Muslim migrants to ‘breed children’ with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ and vows: ‘We will trample them underfoot, Allah willing’

Hungary’s embassy to London flooded with calls from Britons supporting tough stance on migrants

Politicians Inviting Migrants Into Europe Want ‘Disintegration’ Says Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus

Gatestone Institute: Germany’s Migrant Rape Epidemic

Finland is Latest Nation to Establish Border Controls as Migrants Find Even Sweden Isn’t Nice Enough

Hundreds of Latvians march against refugee quotas

Syrian Woman Seeking Asylum and American Relative Arrested at Texas Border

Dutch team launches free ‘Airbnb’ site for refugees

Rabbis urge David Cameron to speed up refugee scheme

Citing Kindertransport, 100 British Rabbis Demand Open Door for Refugees

EU Forces Through Migrant-Sharing Plan In Teeth Of Eastern Opposition

EU refugee quotas: how many will countries take?

Croatia President Accuses Merkel of Causing a Migration Car Crash As EU Leaders Meet to Discuss Crisis

EU to hold talks as Hungary expands army’s powers to halt migrants

EU governments push through divisive deal to share 120,000 refugees

Why Europe Owes The Migrants Nothing

Raids in Berlin over suspected recruitment for IS: police

The EU Just Forced Members to Accept Migrants Through Qualified Majority Voting, You Should Probably Know What That Means…

Saudi Arabia’s offer to build 200 mosques in Germany for Syrian refugees branded ‘cynical’

Refugees flee from Finland back to Sweden

Hungary approves new anti-migrant powers despite outcry

Macedonia plans fence and troops on Greek border to stop migrants

Hungary PM Orban: Europe borders threatened by migrants

Deep in the forest, Dutch prepare to welcome migrants

French far right’s Marine Le Pen faces trial for comments on Muslims

Europe can cope with unprecedented migrant crisis: OECD

French travel publisher releases guide book for refugees

Golden Dawn Surges in Greek Islands amid Migrant Crisis

French Police Bulldoze Calais Camps As They Fire Tear Gas At Migrants

‘We Can’t Take Every Refugee’: German Minister Admits Merkel’s Error

British Rabbis Call on Cameron to Admit More Syrian Refugees

German intelligence chief warns refugees could be ‘easy prey for Islamists’

Marine Le Pen Faces Trial for Comparing Muslim Prayer to Nazi Occupation

Extremists Declare: Refugees Hastening Europe’s Demise

Fritzl’s Dungeon Home To Be Used For Austrian Migrants

German Football Refugee Propaganda Campaign Backfires Magnificently

EU ministers agree by ‘large majority’ to relocate 120,000 migrants

Labour MP Says Its Bigoted To Debate Muslim Immigration

Art Garfunkel Warns Influx of Muslims ‘Could Change the Nature of Europe Forever’

Teach Kids About Mohammed Cartoons, Demand European Politicians

A Controversial Plan to Redistribute Migrants in Europe


Tell Congress not to fund Syrian Resettlement

Report: Muslim Immigration Fastest Growing Bloc of U.S. Immigration

Muslim Parent Warns School Board ‘We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon’ as Meeting Gets Heated and Security Is Needed

Tennessee stands to receive 10,000 Syrian refugees

Black Comedians in SF Feel Alone as Blacks Leave City

How an Immigration Downturn Has Contributed to the Construction-Worker Shortage

White supremacist Craig Cobb refuses interview with black co-anchor of ABC’s ‘Nightline’

Jeb: A ‘Multicultural’ Society May Lead To ‘Retarded’ Assimilation

Fake Uber drivers on the prowl in Chicago

GOP Rep on Syrian Refugees: Safety of Americans Should Be Top Priority

White House Surprised as Number of Unaccompanied Minors Crossing Into US Spiked in August

Reza Aslan: GOP Is Party of ‘Xenophobia, Anti-Muslim Bashing’

Children Club Donald Trump Piñata at ‘Stop Trump’ Rally

WATCH: Ode to Donald Trump ‘We’re All Mexican’ Music Video

Illegal Alien Arrested for Luring Woman into Apartment, Allegedly Raping Her

Sam’s Club apologizes for clerk’s swastika

The Daily Shoah! Episode 51: Standard Clock Party

93% Increase In Immigration From Saudi Arabia

Average of 149 Youths Cross Border Each Day in August

Vietnamese Americans Advocate for Syrian Refugees

More Previously Deported Sexual Predators Arrested at Texas Border

Report: Immigrant Pop. Hit Record 42.4 Million, 13.3 Percent of U.S. Pop. in 2014

University of California forms panel to probe anti-Semitism on campus

Hispanic Hecklers Mock Jeb Bush for Low-Fiving Donald Trump: ‘One of Us? Or One of Them?’

U.S. Immigrant Population Hits Record High of 42.4 Million

Hispanic DREAMers shout down Jeb Bush in Houston


How Israeli volunteers on the ground in Europe are helping Syrian refugees

Holocaust survivors deliver letter to PM urging more help for refugees

Jewish Groups Slam White House for ‘Baby Step’ on Syrian Refugees

On Eve of Yom Kippur, Ann Coulter Still Unrepentant for ‘F—ing Jews’ Tweet (INTERVIEW)

Israel-Asia ties growing rapidly

Op-Ed: Why Jews should not visit China, regardless of what Israel does

Netanyahu to receive conservative think tank’s award on day he meets Obama

Ex-teacher at Russian Jewish school on trial for inciting racial hatred

Will German welcome of refugees come at Jews’ expense?



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