European Invasion:

Syrian Doctor Now Makes £60,000 a Month Trafficking Migrants to Greece

‘Scores’ Of Fighters Abandon Iraq, Surging Into Europe

Hungary places ads in Lebanese press warning off migrants

Migrants Spurn France, Say It’s Not Easy Enough To Settle

France Must Break ‘Taboo’ And Start Logging Ethnic Statistics, Demands Former PM

Another Hazard for Migrants in Europe: Poisonous Mushrooms

200,000 Syrian refugee kids in Lebanon to get free schooling

French police evacuate 400 from Calais migrant camps

Have Tot, Will Travel

Hungary army gets new powers as Europe struggles with refugee crisis

Hungary beefs up border with army, warns migrants to stay away

Hungarian Parliament Grants Army Right To Use Force Against Migrants

Hungary PM Orban Warns Of ‘Brutal Threat’ of ‘Being Overrun’ by Migrant Crisis

Germany’s migrant influx slowed to 7,000 last weekend

Reddit Mod Squeals In Panic: How Do I Stop People Talking About Immigration?

Europe Wants to Pay Turkey to House Migrants Until They Can Return to Homelands

Macedonian police abused migrants: HRW

German minister urges Europe to pick up refugees from crisis regions

Merkel’s Conservative Allies Declare ‘Islam Not A German Tradition’

Merkel Changing Europe For German Economic Dominance, CDU Party Grandee Admits

Refugee crisis: we must act together, says Merkel ahead of emergency summit

WATCH: Dead Kid Didn’t Melt Your Heart? Here, Try This Migrant Puppy Instead

‘They Are Rich, They Are Safe!’ Emotional Syrian Blasts Fraudsters Pretending To Be Refugees

Finland split over biggest refugee influx since Russian Revolution

Government Turns Down Spare Room Offers for Refugees, Insists They Need Whole Houses

Turkey police block new migrant march to Greek border near Istanbul

Shocking images show crawling refugee baby blocked by wall of Turkish police in riot gear

Austrian shepherd who drives refugees across border to safety

Neo-Nazis Make Gains in Greece Election

Refugee crisis is shot-in-the-arm for Greece’s neo-Nazis

Lebanon says to provide schooling for up to 100,000 more Syrian refugees

Selfish Genes, Altruistic Politics, and the European Migration Crisis

The EU’s woeful response to the refugee crisis has revived Golden Dawn


Former Mexican President Blasts Trump’s Immigration Policy

US increases aid to Syrian refugees

Grassley, Goodlatte: Admin’s ‘Trust Me’ ‘Isn’t Good Enough’ For Syrian Refugee Admissions

Hillary Clinton Calls for U.S. To Admit 65,000 Syrian Refugees

California Republicans Drop ‘Illegal Alien’ from Platform

Pennsylvania to Consider ‘English Only’ Legislation

UMaine denounces white supremacist posters found on campus

Government policies based on racist myths help dissolve black families

Obama pays tribute to female civil rights leaders

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo: European Migrant Crisis ‘Is an Invasion’

Jeff Sessions Slams Obama Admin’s Plans To Resettle Nearly 200,000 Refugees

Cal State L.A. gets $3.3 million for science program for minority students

Jorge Ramos vs. Bill Maher on Saying “Illegals” To Describe Immigrants: “Why Is That A Bad Word?”

U.S. Deports Illegal Alien Wanted For Raping, Killing Teen, Murdering Her Father

White House cites August jump in children entering U.S. illegally–business.html

Jindal: I’d Vote For A Muslim Prez Who Honors US ‘Judeo-Christian Heritage’

University of California forms panel to probe anti-Semitism on campus

Jewish publication may drop Coulter over ‘F-ing Jews’ tweet

A Message to Republican Primary Voters

Matthew Heimbach at Camp Comradery 2015: Our Struggle, Our Future

Rep. McCaul Introduces Bill Requiring Congressional Approval for Refugees Resettlement


Imams Unaware Of UK Rape Laws, Study Finds

ANALYSIS: BBC Pictures Show 53% Migrant Kids, Just 36% Men – Hugely Out Of Step With Official Stats

Migrants ‘Better Off In Syria Than Ireland’ Says Councillor

MPs plan three-hour debate on claims Muslims are taking over Britain


Nazi war crime charges: 91-year-old woman charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder while working at Auschwitz

Ben Carson Slammed by ADL for Saying Muslims Unfit to be President

SodaStream offers to take in Syrian refugees


Regina bike racks draw comparisons to Nazi swastikas


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