European Invasion:

Germany: Migrants’ Rape Epidemic

Four Out Of Five Migrants Are NOT From Syria

Hungary Builds Second Fence, Predicts 35 MILLION Migrants Bound For Europe

Polish right joins eastern EU’s anti-migrant camp

Anti-migrant demo in Finnish border town over refugee influx

NYT Editorial Board and Furious Holyman Agree: German Economy Needs Virile, Fecund Muslims

Merkel’s spokesman: ‘Closing borders to migrants not sustainable’

Croatia to continue to take migrants to Hungary border: PM

Germany’s Oktoberfest Opens In Shadow Of Migrant Crisis

Germany redirects migrants to avoid Oktoberfest

Greek neo-Nazi voters would back murder: victim’s mother

Hungary activists race to help migrants by smartphone

Migrants start arriving in Austria across Slovenian border

German Mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis

Migrants mass on Slovenia border

Slovenia border police fire tear gas at migrants

Tspiras Scolds Disunited Europe’s Handling Of Migrant Crisis

Europe’s Migrant Crisis Deepens As Countries Wrangle

Hungarian Mayor Warns Off Migrants, Says ‘Hungary Is A Bad Choice’

Croatia Says ‘Forcing’ Hungary To Take In Migrants

Migrants at Turkey-Greece border demand passage to Europe

EU official seeks aid to keep migrants in Turkey

German interior minister calls for limits on migrants to EU


David French: A Cuck Begs for Mercy

The Lack of Diversity in Stock Images Hurts Your eLearning–and-what-to-do-about-it

Academic psychologists value diversity, but now find that liberal psychology professors outnumber conservatives 14:1

Illinois launches Chinese broadcasts of football games

Ramos Corrects Maher for Saying ‘Illegals’

Apple pledges more aid to help with Europe’s migrant crisis

Illegal immigrant arrested at follow-up hospital appointment

Father stunned by fifth grader’s homework assignment

Mexican Meth Overtakes US Sources as Domestic Lab Seizures Plummet

House Dems call for 10-fold increase of Syrian refugees

Native Americans Blast Dartmouth for New Hire


Abusive Birmingham plane passenger threatened crew after they ran out of Halal food

Liverpudlian Named Mohammed Ali Tried To Buy Enough Ricin To Kill 1,400


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