European Invasion:

Why not leave Germany to the migrants?

To the Little German Girl Raped by a Migrant

Muslim ‘migrants’ raping women and children in camps in Germany

Citing Holocaust, Swiss Jews Demand Open Door for Migrants

German Police Shoot Dead Asylum Seeker Terrorist Who Wasn’t Deported Because of EU Human Rights Law

Top Imam: Muslim Migrants Should Breed With Europeans to “Conquer Their Countries”

Migrants Navigating Through Europe Using BBC-Made Maps

Retired Swedish Police Chief Says Malmo Crime Skyrocketing Due To Uncontrolled Immigration, No Go Zones

The 10,000 children fleeing to Sweden without their parents

35 MILLION migrants heading to Europe, says Hungary as it builds second fence

Switzerland to take 1,500 migrants, boost aid to Syria

Rival Migrant Gangs Erupt Into Violence in Croatia

Request For a Banning/Exclusion Order On Barbara Lerner Spectre

Widow of British jihadist ‘proud’ he was killed by US

It’s ‘DEFINITELY NOT’ About Cheap Migrant Labour Germany Says, Then Replaces Refugee Minister With Employment Minister

Migrants blocked in Turkey inch towards Greek border

Croatia sends more than 1,000 migrants to Hungary

As Croatia closes its border, where next for refugees?

Hungary says Croatia ‘illegally’ pushing migrants over its border

French PM urges Hungary to treat migrants ‘humanely’

Migrants In Standoff With Police On Turkish Greek Border Vow To Do Whatever It Takes to Enter Europe

Tripped-up Syrian boy greeted by hero Ronaldo

What happened to the Syrian refugee tripped by Hungarian reporter?

8 reasons Europe’s refugee crisis is happening now

Dutch PM calls for deal to end ‘asylum shopping’

Europe’s Migrant Crisis Worsens as Hungary Defends ‘Christian Culture’

POLITICO: Don’t Blame Merkel For Migrant Crisis, Blame Bush, Obama, ISIS, Assad, Orban, Cameron, Erdogan, and Le Pen

Europe’s Migrants: Between Empathy and Self-preservation

Croatia seeks to redirect migrants toward Hungary, Slovenia

Croatia: Scenes of chaos as hundreds of refugees board westward-bound trains

A Belated Welcome in France Is Drawing Few Migrants

Merkel’s Betrayal: From the Ethno-National Principle to an Afro-Islamic Germany, Part 2

Gulf States Respond to Criticism over Syrian Refugees, Tell West to Do More

Migrant Electrocuted Near Channel Tunnel

Recalling failure to save Jews, Swiss Jewish leader urges refugee relief

Pressure Mounts On German Interior Minister

Head Of German Refugee Office Quits As Migrant Crisis Grows

Germany says EU majority vote may force members to take migrants

Germany braces for collision of refugees, Oktoberfest

Croatia closes border with Serbia as thousands of migrants arrive

Hungary Called ‘Xenophobic’ After Tough Response To Rioting Migrants

Losing Control Of Migrants, Croatia Closes Serbia Border Crossings

Spectre of Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Hangs Over Greece Election


Illegal alien pleads guilty to rape in Ohio

Ex-Officials Urge White House to Accept More Syrian Refugees

NYT Caves in to Jewish Pressure

US Jewish groups slam Iceland capital’s Israel boycott

Barring apology, right-wing Zionists demand Fox News fire Ann Coulter for ‘f—ing Jews’ tweet

Ayatollah Agrees With Ann Coulter on Republicans’ Israel Obsession

‘Stacking’ prompts Morristown man to sell his house

GOP’s immigration dilemma comes to South Carolina: Hard line now may cost Latino votes later

Report: ‘Diversity’ to Reach 49 percent in Class of 2025

What It’s Like to be a White Conservative on Twitter When You Have a Black Child

No Assimilation Needed in U.S., Obama Tells Millions of Migrants

San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policies Did Not Lead to Kathryn Steinle’s Death

U.S. Hosts 6 Times More Migrants than Every Latin American Country Combined

Crash: Public Support for Obama’s Refugee Plan Hits 22 Percent

Black student admits hanging ‘White Only,’ ‘Black Only’ signs near school bathrooms, water fountains

Obama Will Do Business with Tehran Ayatollahs But Not Washington Redskins

Segregation art project sparks uproar at SUNY Buffalo

Immigrants Fight Texas’ Birth Certificate Rules

Ann Coulter: The woman trying to be America’s most hated

Ann Coulter Calls Fury Over Jewish-Debate Tweet “Fake Outrage”: “I’m Pro-Israel”

Anti-Semites Flock to Ann Coulter’s Side

White Supremacists Back Ann Coulter’s Comments About GOP Candidates

Small Town Nazis: A review of Welcome to Leith

GOP pundit attacks candidates for pandering to ‘f—ing Jews’

The Real Story of #IStandWithAhmed

If Ahmed was ‘Jimmy’ No One Would Jump to ‘Hoax Bomb’ Conclusion, says CAIR DFW Director

Prayer vigil to end Islamophobia held in Irving

Ahmed Mohamed and the ‘Islamophobia’ Clock

If It Walks Like an Influence Operation…

Democrats Convict America of ‘Islamophobia’ Without Trial

CA Republicans Face Platform Battle on Immigration

Qatari Prince Flees After Ferrari Drag Race in L.A.


Illegal Immigrants Due for Deportation Get ‘Cultural Menu’ To Satisfy Tastes

UK Security Services: ‘3,000 Home Grown Jihadis Currently Being Tracked, Half in London’

FARAGE FOR BREITBART: EU Juggernaut Uses The Migrant Crisis To Expand Powers

BBC Apologizes for Antisemitic Caricature of Famous Jewish Violinist in Concert Program


Israeli police make arrests in ‘Loaves and Fishes’ church arson

Wiesenthal Center tells Jews not to go to Reykjavik

Israel Brings in Chinese Workers at the Expense of Everybody


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