European Invasion:

German Govt Hires Ex-Stasi Agent To Patrol Facebook For ‘Xenophobic’ Comments

Orban: Eventually There Will Be More Muslims Than Christians In Europe

‘We Are Getting Islamised’ – Sweden’s Firebrand MP Speaks to Breitbart London

Malmo: The Ghost Town of Migrant Children

Iraqi man shot dead in Berlin after stabbing policewoman

Charting White Genocide: Replacement of Whites in Western Cities

The Latest Port For Migrants Seeking Britain Is In… Sweden

MailOnline reporter buys Syrian papers being sold to ISIS fighters sneaking into Europe hidden among refugees

Croatia expects over 20,000 migrants over next two weeks

Croatia Offers Free Passage To Migrants, Hundreds Pour In

E.U. nations pull welcome mats for migrants, imposing new restrictions

WATCH: Migrants Overwhelm Police In Croatia

Croatian Authorities Lose Control, Thousands Of Migrants Flood Border, Children ‘Afraid to Go To School’

Croatia ‘cannot accept any more refugees’ as 6,500 enter in one day

Denmark to take 1,000 refugees on voluntary basis

Media Lies About the “Refugee” Crisis

Intifada in Europe–Masked Muslim Refugees Fight With Police

Eurostar services resume following suspension after ‘migrants break into Channel Tunnel’

Luck changes for refugee dad tripped by journalist

Bulgaria deploying up to 1,000 troops at Turkish border

German interior minister aims to toughen asylum law

Merkel’s Betrayal: From the Ethno-National Principle to an Afro-Islamic Germany, Part 1

Hollande warns against ‘dangers’ facing Schengen

Refugee crisis reignites EU debate over budget rules

EU parliament backs refugee relocation plan

EU Parliament Backs Migrant-Sharing Plan

France dismantles two Paris migrant camps

Kurdi Relative Who Ran From ISIS Describes France As An ‘Open Air Prison’

Hungary Detains 29 Migrants Following Border Clash

Migrants Lash Out At Hungarian Police After Budapest Seals Border

WATCH: Hungarian Riot Police Detain Migrants, Including ‘Terrorist’

Plan to accelerate acceptance of 20,000 refugees coming soon, Kenney says

EU warns Catalonia independence means leaving bloc

Dutch city’s schools opt for neutral ‘Black Pete’

Greek election 2015: Golden Dawn rises on austerity-driven despair

Greece’s neo-Nazis rally voters on anti-migrant plank


Ann Coulter Accuses Republican Candidates of Pandering to ‘F—ing Jews’

‘We’ve got your back Bibi’,7340,L-4701261,00.html

ADL blasts Ann Coulter for ‘ugly, borderline anti-Semitic’ remarks after GOP debate

Coulter’s point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters

Ann Coulter Drops F-Bomb in Debate Diatribe About Jews

Ann Coulter slammed for profane tweet on Jews in GOP debate commentary

How Many F—ing Jews Do These People Think There Are in the United States?

Coulter Doubles Down on ‘How Many F—ing Jews’ Tweet

Pundit Ann Coulter Blasted for Post-Debate ‘F—ing Jews’ Tweet

Know Why Voters Cheer Donald Trump, GOP? Because Of Immigration!

U. California regents rap intolerance statement for not mentioning anti-Semitism

Iran’s Khamenei tweets that GOP candidates pander to ‘Zionists’

Anti-Semitic graffiti found outside Florida apartment complex

Senators: ISIS fighters posing as migrants could slip into US

Arizona Dad: Mexican Cartel Executed My Son

For many Hispanics, Trump is off the wall

Obama Admin. Naturalizing 36,000 Immigrants In One Week

Kansas restaurant admits illegally hiring immigrants

Man Defends Racist Onslaught on Terrell Owens: I’m Middle Eastern and Muslim, Not KKK

GOP Rep: ‘We Are Crazy’ To Invite Middle East Problems To U.S.

12 Cuban Refugees, Dog Land to Cheers in Miami on Broken ‘Sailboat’

Obama Tries To Push Citizenship On Immigrants To Save Democrats

How Asian-American Voters Went From Republican To Democratic

New York Jews angry over ‘Ghostbusters’ film shoot on Rosh Hashana

Matt Damon Apologizes after Left Attacks Him for Diversity Comments

Christiansburg High School students suspended for wearing Confederate Flag

Rebel Students Punished for Confederate Flag Clothes

NIAC Urges Investigation of Hate Crime Against Shayan Mazroei


Britain Prepares To Open Doors To First of 20,000 Syrians Chosen For Resettlement

Shock over caricature in BBC Proms programme

Government Cracks Down On University Islamic Extremism


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