European Invasion:

Police deploying extra security for Oktoberfest amid refugee crisis

Pro-Migrant Paper Admits There Are Too Many, Benefits Are Too High, And Many Are ‘Civil Warriors’

Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty, still won’t take Syrian refugees

Kuwaiti Official: Gulf Oil States Are ‘Too Valuable’ for Syrian Refugees

German Tax Payers To Foot Half a BILLION Euro Bill For New Migrants

Women Locking Themselves In Tents To Avoid Male Migrant Attacks

German Bundesliga Players To Wear #refugeeswelcome Logos

Denmark sticks to hardline refugee stance amid crisis

Hungary shuts key refugee route amid widening clampdowns across Europe

STATE OF EMERGENCY: Police Fire Tear Gas At Rioting Migrants Chanting “Allah Hu Akbar” Trying to Break Through Hungarian Border

Hungarian police repel migrants at Serbian border

Hungary to build border fence with Croatia, Romania

PICTURES: Migrant Riot At Hungary Border

Orban’s Defiance

Fear of landmines as Hungary’s iron curtain forces migrants to consider new routes

Danish Girl Stabs Mom to Death for Islamist Boyfriend After Watching ISIS Beheading Videos

Slovakia PM refuses to accept EU mandatory migrant quota

Half of refugees in Germany traumatised: psychotherapists

A Migration Juggernaut Is Headed for Europe

Apprehension, goodwill as small German town becomes refugee gateway

Google launches fundraising tool for migrant crisis

Refugee crisis: Divisions leave Europe paralysed as borders close to refugees

Syrian refugees await asylum at makeshift camp in northern Paris

Germany Should Welcome Migrants To Replace Ageing Population: Bundesbank

Sweden Protest Calls on Govt to Close Borders, Call Elections

Stockholm Grenade Attack Follows Kurd-Turk Migrant Clashes

WATCH: Bombs, Violence On Stockholm Streets As Turks And Kurds Scrap

France ‘won’t hesitate’ to restore border controls for migrants

Immigration represents opportunity for Germany: Bundesbank

UN weighs resolution backing military action against migrant smugglers

Turkish police, migrants in standoff near Greek border

Aid groups condemn Hungary’s ‘alarming’ migrant crackdown

Migrants head to Croatia as Hungary shuts borders

Guardian: Migrant Crisis Will Hit Working Classes Hardest

Refugees attacking people get wrecked by car 09-15-2015

Dalai Lama: ‘Impossible’ For Europe to Solve Syrian Refugee Crisis

Can Europe Stay Europe After Muslim Migrant Surge? Doubtful

Google to Raise $11 Million for Europe Refugees


U.S. Census: Foreign-Born Income Increases As Native-Born Income Declines

Obama blows taxpayer millions on diversity training

UNC Chapel Hill’s chief diversity officer earns 38% more than N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory

California voters sharply disagree on low-cost healthcare for immigrants

SUNY jumps on the PC-extremism bandwagon

$155,000 bail set in anti-Chinese graffiti case

Biden calls out Trump on immigration, says GOP front-runner’s view ‘will not prevail’

Elusive crime wave data shows frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminals

Former president Carter urges Germany to take lead in migrant crisis

Martin O’Malley To Obama: 10,000 Syrian Refugees Not Enough

Joe Biden Blasts Donald Trump’s ‘Xenophobia’ At Event With Hispanics

Poll: Just 26 Percent Support Increasing Syrian Refugee Resettlement

U.S. Has Taken In 24 Times More Migrants Than Pope’s Home Country of Argentina

On Immigration, Donald Trump More Aligned with Black Community than Obama and the NAACP

The Pentagon Just Spent $41 Million to Train “Four or Five” Syrian Fighters

US Muslim teen arrested after homemade clock mistaken for ticking time bomb


Kapparot ritual allowed in New York


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