European Invasion:

Support for German right-wing party rises amid refugee crisis

E.U. Migrant Talks Stall, Even Amid New Border Controls

Closing the gap: moment of despair for refugees shut out of Hungary

Germany’s Real Refugee Crisis

European Union’s Schengen Agreement for Borderless Travel Unravels

Gulf states urge world to do more to help refugees

After sea deaths, Syrians choose land route from Turkey to Europe

EU States Can Refuse To Pay Migrants Unemployment Benefits

Refugees ‘may end up boosting European economies’: analysts

Come to Europe and live like a king

As Europe locks down its borders, eye witnesses claim fewer than a third of refugees who have made it to Germany are Syrian

Czech Minister Lashes Out: ‘Inconsistent’ Germany To Blame For Europe’s Migrant Invasion

Hungary Seals Border, Detains Thousands, Threatens To Imprison Illegals

Refugee crisis: As Hungary closes its border, what are the alternatives for asylum seekers?

Aid groups condemn Hungary’s ‘alarming’ migrant crackdown

Hungary imposes strict border controls in migrant crackdown

Hungary declares state of emergency amid migrant crisis

Hungarian police detain over 9,000 migrants on Monday

Vigilantes ‘Protecting’ Citizens From Migrants

German Authorities: Every Refugee Pretends To Be Syrian… AT LEAST 25 Per Cent Are Liars

Hungary Plans ANOTHER Anti-Migrant Fence, This Time Along Romania Border

Bulgaria And Romania Use Migrant Crisis To Gain Access To Schengen Area

EU deadlocked on migrant resettlement plan

UN voices deep disappointment at lack of EU consensus on migrants

Sweden Could be Latest Euro Nation to Close Borders

Sweden Offers Extra Trains and Free Tickets To Attract More Muslim Migrants

Sweden Deploys An Army… Of Bureaucrats To Sign Up Migrants to State Welfare

Green Party Offers Migrants Warm Welcome On Freezing Arctic Archipelago

Japan accepted only 11 asylum seekers last year, and restrictions just got worse

Japan sets out extra curbs on asylum seekers

Japan’s Immigration Reluctance

EU Plan To Relocate 120,000 Migrants Stalls; Ministers To Revisit Issue In October

Bavarian Minister Says German Border Controls Could Last For Weeks

Hungarian PM Slams Soros-Funded Advocacy Groups: They “Are Drawing A Living From The Immigration Crisis”

Despair, confusion for migrants hitting closed Hungary border

Croatia Fears “Spillover” After Hungary Shuts Border

Border-Free Europe Unravels As Migrant Crisis Hits Record Day

Merkel’s response to the refugee crisis has made the situation worse

Germany Backs Cutting EU Funds to States That Refuse Migrant Quotas

Germany’s migrant flows endure, diverted to idyllic Bavaria

Half a million migrants counted at EU border

Lifeboat Ethics: Why We Must Stop the Refugee Invasion

’22 dead’ after Greece-bound migrant boat sinks off Turkey

For Syrian Refugees, Needs Are Growing And Aid Is Declining

Six questions for a Syrian refugee in Europe

Growing number of EU states say they prefer non-Muslim refugees


Survey: 92% Call Illegal Immigration a ‘Problem,’ 77% Say It’s ‘Serious’

America Has Taken More Than Our Share of Refugees

Black Professors Gone Wild

Purging America’s White Male Heroes

Black Violence Matters

Donald Trump says U.S. is immigration ‘dumping ground for rest of world’

Donald Trump, GOP Frontrunner, Goes Hard on Immigration at Texas Rally

From California, A Warning To Republicans On Anti-Immigration Rhetoric

Hispanic Chamber CEO: Hispanics ‘Outraged’ by Trump ‘Rhetoric of Hatred and Divisiveness’

Jerry Brown: Climate Change Will Drive European-Style Mass Migration to California

Arab-Americans hope to turn spotlight on Syrian refugee crisis

Jorge Ramos Proposes ‘Open Border,’ Escalates Attacks On Donald Trump

Union and Left-Wing Connected Protestors Rally at CNN’s GOP Debate: ‘Racist Rhetoric by GOP Contenders Not Welcome in Southern California’

Glenn Beck: Tea Partiers Who Support Donald Trump Are Racist

Jeb Bush Spanish-Language Ad Touts Obama-like Diversity Instead of Patriotism

Glenn Beck Tearfully Promises to Illegally Smuggle Syrian Refugees into U.S.

RNC To Highlight Latino Republicans During Hispanic Heritage Month

Jeb Bush Ad Celebrates ‘Important and Positive’ Hispanic Heritage

Obama Blasts ‘Un-American,’ ‘Anti-Immigrant’ Sentiment Rising in American Politics

Alabama Official: God Told Me to Ban Saggy Pants

Nationalist Group Wants TX Secession on Primary Ballot

American Lawmaker Says Middle East Must Take More Refugees

Immigration Is ‘Number One’ With Grassroots, Trump ‘Growing Big Tent’

Berkeley attempts to circumvent ban on affirmative action

L.A. Touts Itself as “Northern Capital of Latin America” for 2024 Olympic Bid

Batman confronts police racism in latest comic book


Toronto mayor says city will prepare to welcome up to 1,000 Syrian refugees

Three Toronto Universities Remove Flyers Promoting White Students’ Union


Rotherham Child Sex Grooming Probe To Be Biggest In UK History

UKIP MEP Slams Labour’s Rachael Maskell For Saying UK Should Take Migrants Until “Saturation”

Britain Could Host 400 Islamic State Terrorists Disguised As Refugees, Cameron Warned

EU Exit Poll Gap Narrows, 43 Per Cent Say Stay, 40 Per Cent Want To Leave


Controversial Israel Billboards Go Live In Des Moines

As Berlin Opens Arms to Refugees, Why Are German Jews Silent?


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