European Invasion:

Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants

Google, Goldman Sachs donate millions to help refugees

Key dates in Europe’s escalating migrant crisis

How many Migrants in the van?

Denmark Slashes Benefits, Diverts Migrant Flow To Sweden

‘Passports, please’: Syrians halted minutes after German checks begin

Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast

Paris, an open migrant city

Tightening Calais Security Pushes Migrants To Alternative French Ports

Eastern Europeans chant anti-Islam slogans in demonstrations against refugees–in-pictures-10499352.html

Charlie Hebdo under fire for cartoons of drowned Syrian kid

Fight among migrants in a small German town

Austria to deploy army to help with influx of migrants

1,000 migrants arrive in Bavaria despite border checks: police

EU ministers agree ‘in principle’ to relocate 120,000 refugees

Refugees in Hungary run gauntlet of smugglers, police and closing borders

Slovenia prepares for ‘thousands’ of migrants, detains others

Slovakia putting temporary border controls in place

Pope says risk that terrorists could sneak into Europe with Mideast refugees

PM Kopacz: Poland stands ready to impose border controls

In Chain Reaction, Austria, Slovakia, Netherlands Reinstate Border Controls

Hungary Swamped By Migrants Thanks To Merkel’s Moral Vanity

German border controls to stay ‘several weeks’: Bavarian minister

German border checks choke roads in scenes ‘like the 80s’

Welcome Refugees?? I blame feminism, this is why

As Germany tightens borders, UN rights chief urges Europe to expand migration channels

German Border Controls Yield Multiple Arrests, Chaos on Austrian Border

Angela Merkel’s Misguided Generosity Sinking Europe

Merkel’s refugee U-turn: blunder or pressure tactic?

Germany ‘may take in 1 mn refugees this year’: vice chancellor

Germany Expecting 1 Million Migrants This Year

A look at a German family hosting Syrian refugees

Facebook pledges to combat racism on German platform

German Man Who Had Facebook Users Sacked For Anti-Immigration Comments Granted Anonymity

Emergency EU migrant talks as Germany reinstates border controls

EU approves military action against people smugglers in Mediterranean

Norway’s local elections test welcome for Syrian refugees

Drowned Aylan’s aunt urges EU to ‘open heart’

Hollande’s refugee policy divides French right

Will the new wave of Muslims assimilate with Europe?

Hungary taking migrants straight to Austrian border: UN

Hungarian police close main entry point for migrants

UN rights chief demands ‘principled’ migration rules worldwide

Pope Francis: Europe’s Anti-Child Attitudes Invite Migrants, Jihadis

British Public REJECTS Idea Of Letting More Migrants In, Contrasts With Media Narrative

Stop Immigration NOW say British public

Labour MP: 20,000 Migrants Not Enough, Who Cares If We Wait Longer For Hospitals, Or If Our Schools Are Full?

Britain Appoints Minister for Syrian Refugees

‘I’m surrounded by men’: Life for women in the Calais ‘Jungle’

‘Go home!’ After years of Eastern European migrants starting new lives in the UK now it’s the turn of their own countries to complain about new arrivals

For Syrian refugees in Italy, Israel remains enemy #1

Trying to limit the flow of non-Europeans has backfired

Far right groups in UK planning racist attacks against refugees seeking sanctuary

Shortage Of Families Willing To Foster British Kids As Thousands Welcome Syrians

Mexico Opening Door to Syrian Refugees, Joins Other Nations South of US Border


Federal Data: U.S. Annually Admits Quarter Of A Million Muslim Migrants

Lindsey Graham: Pretty Poem Says USA Must Adopt Unknown Muslim Men From Jihad-Syria

Gun Store that Banned Muslims Runs 9/11 Special: Coupon Code ‘Muslim’

Obama: Notion that Illegals ‘Less Worthy in the Eyes of God’ Is ‘Un-American’

How Obama can use his clemency power to help reverse racism

Boston Public School System Seeks To Increase Diversity Among Its Teachers

Fifty Years Later, the Immigration Bill That Changed America

100 women to walk 100 miles for immigrants

Sanders: America Was Founded On ‘Racist Principles. That’s A Fact.’

Artist Is Selling A Menstrual Blood Portrait Of Trump To Raise Money For Immigrants

Somalis in Minnesota question counter-extremism program targeted at Muslims

Senator Murphy: To Stop ISIS, We Must Provide Welfare to Syrian Migrants

Ben Carson OKs Syrian Migrants–if Screening Is Improved

Cartel Smugglers Hitting the Toll Road in Central Texas Drug Corridor

Baltimore Prepares to Receive Syrian Refugees, with Federal Help

Glenn Beck in His Own Words: I’ll Save More People Than Schindler

Bill Maher On Migrant Crisis: Muslims Making Europe ‘Less Moderate and Tolerant’

Dr. Ben Carson in Ferguson: The Nation Needs to ‘De-Emphasize Race’

Al Qaeda chief urges lone wolf attacks, militant unity


What Shouldn’t We Compare to the Holocaust? A Refugee Crisis, for Starters.


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