European Invasion:

‘No More Immigrants — We’ve Had Enough!’

Germany stops ALL trains from Austria as they reintroduce border controls and temporarily suspend Schengen Agreement

Refugees are fleeing Denmark, a Scandinavian ‘wonderland,’ en masse

Denmark Declares ‘Simply No Reason’ To Join EU Asylum Seekers Resettlement Plan

LISTEN: Callers Flood The BBC With Complaints Over Migrant Crisis Bias

Germany Warns At ‘Limit Of Capacity’ As Migrant Numbers Surge

As Migrant Crisis Escalates, Germany Says Refugees Cannot Choose Where To Settle

Germany to Enact Emergency Border Checks over Flood of Migrants

Migrant crisis: Munich ‘at limit’ as thousands more arrive

‘How can we cope?’: Munich overwhelmed by record influx

New migrant tragedy off Greece as Athens dismisses criticism

Munich buckles under strain of refugee influx amid rival protests in Europe

Germany ‘to reinstate border controls’ as country struggles with influx of refugees

German border controls underline ‘urgency’ to agree refugee plan: EU

‘How can we cope?’: Munich overwhelmed by record influx

Germany’s refugee inferno

Refugee crisis: Migrants could be boon for Germany

Germany reinstates border controls over refugee surge

Thousands more migrants on their way into Austria

While France Accepts ‘Refugees’, It Is Accused Of Abandoning Earlier ‘Migrants’

Slovakia to oppose quotas at EU meeting: PM

Czechs boost controls on Austrian border over migrants: minister

Thousands Flock To Anti-Migrant Demos In Eastern Europe

Thousands Protest Migrants in Eastern Europe: ‘Islam Will Be the Death of Europe’

Poles Ambiguous Over Calls From EU And Pope Francis On Refugees

Poland sets conditions for accepting more migrants

EU refugee quotas expose Polish divide

Diploma-wielding refugees hit Europe with high hopes, struggle continues

Europe’s borderless Schengen area: key facts

Hungary rushes to complete anti-migrant barrier

Record numbers of migrants rush into Hungary before border sealed

Refugees pray Hungary fence will remain open

Hungarian Catholic Bishop tells Pope he is wrong, not refugees but invaders!

Meet the Syrian refugee who was tripped by the Hungarian camerawoman

Refugees who fled to Europe for a better life are living in former Nazi barracks

Rabbi says European migrant crisis is excellent news

34 Refugees Drown as Boat Overturns Off Greek Island

London solidarity with refugees march: People from all backgrounds join tens of thousands in show of support

Canada Pledges Up to $75 Million in Aid to Refugee Camps in Middle East

Catalonia business split over independence before vote

Scottish Nationalists Plan New Independence Vote

Bashi’s journey from Africa to Europe may signal a bigger refugee crisis to come


Saudi businessman gives $10 million gift to fund Islamic law center at Yale

USA: Over 1000 protesters gather in NYC in defence of refugees

150 Million Adults Worldwide Would Migrate to the U.S.

Meet the Hasidic woman who manages risk for the NSA,7340,L-4699709,00.html

Michigan Crowd Cheers When City Denies Muslims A Permit For Mosque

Drug Smuggler Drives into Rio Grande, Swims to Mexico

Carson: GOP Has GOP ‘Neglected’ African-American Communities

George Clooney Says Trump’s Immigration Ideas ‘Idiotic’ and ‘Intolerant’

University of California considering recognizing a “right” to be “free from … expressions of intolerance”

Cops, Media Barred From Black Lives Matter Meeting

MSNBC’s Melber: ‘Anti-Immigration or Anti-Foreigner’ Position ‘Out of Sync with the Real Problems Facing the World’

Donald Trump’s ‘Call of the Wild’ Beyond Racism, Nativism — Plays to ‘Embattled Tribal Identity of White America’


Maccabi Tel Aviv Fans: Refugees Not Welcome

Meet the Hasidic woman who manages risk for the NSA,7340,L-4699709,00.html

Why Refugees’ Plight Is Personal for Me — and All Jews

Calif. municipal worker forced to resign over anti-Semitic website

Anti-Israel Corbyn Could Appoint ‘Minister for Jews’ to Allay Anti-Semitism Fears


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