European Invasion:

Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast

European “Refugee” Crisis Worsens

Migrants into Europe at Record Highs, Now Nearing Half Million

Thousands flock to anti-migrant demos in E.Europe

Eastern Europe Is Resisting Aid for Refugees

One European Mayor is so Fed Up, He is Launching a Campaign Against Illegal Migrant Squats in His Town

Migrant Kurds And Turks Battle On The Streets Of Switzerland

With open arms, German cities struggle with migrant surge

Tens of thousands join London pro-refugee march

French gov’t will give cities and towns €1000 per refugee housed

Some 7,600 migrants enter Macedonia from Greece in 24 hours

European Invasion – Drowned Kiddy Propaganda

Pro-migrant rallies due in Europe as Hungarian PM calls for Syria aid

Europe to march in support of refugees

Sweden’s ugly immigration problem

Germany gears up to receive 40,000 migrants over weekend

UN official: Syrian war seen displacing a million more in 2015

Merkel sees no legal limit on asylum-seekers

Angela Merkel takes on racist Facebook posts

Refugees housed in German concentration camp,7340,L-4700124,00.html

Germany’s refugee generosity can boost Olympic bid, says chief–oly.html

Neglected East German shelters return to use in refugee crisis

Austrian Chancellor likens Hungary’s tough refugee policies to Nazi deportations

Rightwing critics attack Merkel over asylum-seekers in Germany

French honorary consul in Turkey suspended over selling rubber dinghies to migrants

Fleeing war, Syrian refugees bike across Arctic border

Hungary’s Prime Minister Slams Migrant ‘Rebellion’, U.N. Warns Of Millions More Refugees

Hungary calls for migrant aid as EU nations squabble

Hungary: Migrants should go back ‘where they came from’; threatens mass arrests

Doctors warn of disease risk at Hungary refugee camp

Hungary PM wants 3-bn euro migrant aid plan

Dutch choir sings song of welcome to the illegal muslims

China: We’re ‘Good Friends’ with Arab States; Nope, Still Not Taking Refugees

Accept refugee quotas or build walls? Europe’s divisions deepen

Why Europe’s refugee crisis reached a tipping point–the-difference-between-migrants-and-refugees-and-what-s-at-stake-183639355.html

Golden Dawn Is Running In Greece’s Elections Again. Here’s Why That’s Scary.

The World’s Mutti


Colorado Prepares To Welcome Refugees Fleeing Crisis

Buchanan: Unless Europe Calls ‘Halt’ To Refugees There Will Be ‘Immense Flood’

Growing El Niño May Launch Huge Latino Migration to U.S.

60% Of U.S.-Born Hispanics Want Immigration Levels Reduced Or Leveled

Feds: Fake Lawyer Represented Immigration Clients Under Nose of Department of Homeland Security, DOJ

PBS host to Coulter: Your immigration plan won’t help blacks

Cartels Continue Using Legal Aliens and Minors for Smuggling Operations

How the US plans to welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees

Brooks: ‘We Have a Responsibility To Take In More Refugees’ From Syria

McCain Uses Photo Of Dead Syrian Child To Demand U.S. Take In Refugees

Maher: American ‘Tradition’ To ‘Hate Someone And Blame Them,’ Which We Do With Mexicans

Maher, Rushdie: Taking In Refugees From Africa and ME Isn’t The Answer

Jury Awards Ex-Employee Of Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Waffles $1.6M In Race Discrimination Suit

Major Jewish Group Expresses Shock Over Snapchat Image of Pace University Football Captain Doing Nazi Salute in Confederate Garb

Black Politician Unleashes Torrent of Racial Epithets to Dismantle Racism


Tens of thousands march through London in solidarity with migrants

Refugee solidarity march in London set to attract some unlikely protesters

Oil Rich Nations Treat Their Fellow Muslims as Second Class Citizens And Europe is Left Picking up the Pieces

How the BBC Used a 3-Year-Old Video Of An Unmotivated Attack to Spread ‘Islamophobia’ Fears


Muslim-Jewish council formed to fight for religious freedom in Europe,7340,L-4699993,00.html

For Syrian refugees in Italy, Israel remains enemy #1


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